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Kids TV production – Top ten tips for a digital world

February 5, 2013

Kids TV production – Top ten tips for a digital world

Following our previous post on the advertiser-funded kids TV model I thought I’d share some quick-fire tips for kids television producers in the digital world. Here are the first five. The rest to follow.

1. Scrimp, test and learn

Game developers run ad campaigns to test concepts linking to surveys rather than product. For only $500 they get valuable input on which games to take to the next stage and start to connect with their audience. What’s the kids television producer equivalent?

2. Experiment with funding

Kickstarter and the like are being used to successfully fund children’s books, games and more. They don’t just generate funding. They generate fans. Could you fund a pilot or short in this way?

3. Think story, not format

Many great creative ideas start with a small book, fringe theatre production or a couple of tracks and become a television show. What’s stopping you planning to do the same? Yes, you’re a TV producer but at the end of the day you’re a creative storyteller.

4. Show me the money

People are (finally) getting used to paying for content online. Digital content companies only give away stuff if they have a clear sense of how free drives pay. Are you tempted to give stuff away or do you have a freemium strategy?

5. Get close to the new kids

Hulu, Amazon, Netflix and YouTube are the new television commissioners. Understand what they’re about, what they’re strategy is and how what you do can unlock their growing budgets. Have you met the new commissioners recently?

This won’t be an exhaustive list so share your own. Next five to follow.

Picture courtesy of jencu

Written by Jens Bachem

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