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Our work | Premier League Kids site

April 13, 2015

Our work | Premier League Kids site

What’s the next best thing to playing football? Playing football at home! This was our mandate when we set to work crafting the Premier League’s new digital kids’ experience.

A year in the making, is now LIVE, and we’re very proud of the result. is a new site aimed at kids who want to engage with the Premier League and to find out more about their clubs, their history and their favourite players. Building on the insights and experience we gained from Tottenham Turfies – the digital gaming platform we designed for Tottenham Hotspur – the Premier League Kids site looks to use games, videos, and quizzes to immerse users in the beautiful game. It is also a font of knowledge, giving kids a better understanding of how the Premier League works and who the various clubs are. Working with Hangar Seven, we’ve built the site in HTML5 and set it in a virtual bedroom where kids can customise the room to reflect their team allegiances. They can also work through various quizzes and games to earn points, trophies and more goodies for their room.

Happy exploring!

“The Premier League is an incredible brand to work for and they really pushed us to explore every possible nuance of how children will use the site and what they will take away from it. Through extensive testing and work-shopping with kids we have created an experience that is both sympathetic to the brand, highly engaging for the audience and something parents will happily let their children play on.”
Maurice Wheeler – Partner  


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